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Sunday, 31 July 2011

What is "this"?

Morning all!! How are we this fine, sunny day?

I am good thanks! I am sat here having my homemade apple and pear squash icelolly before finishing the 3rd and final weekend off the drink before my blow out weekend. Or is it? I realised the other day that actually I don't miss it that much! Actually I'm not sure I miss it at all! I definitely don't miss the hangovers for the feeling rubbish and sluggish for days afterwards.

I think I like feeling like "this" too much, I have worked hard for "this" so why throw it away on a drunken weekend? But what is "this"??? Is it the way I feel emotionally (we all know the booze makes me sad) or it is phyiscally (the way I am starting to look and everything)? I don't know.

But then there is the other side of the coin! Can I go out and have fun and not drink? Can I dance like a nutter and not care? Can I still go to the pub and sit there talking rubbish for hours with my friends? Does the 90:10 theory work? Can you be good 90% time and then having blow outs? More importantly can I??

Soooo many questions and I don't know the answer! I know what my mum says "Everything in moderation" But seriously my mum should know me better than to think i do anything in moderation!!Has anyone out there done the 90:10 thing? has anyone got any advice?

Sorry this is so short and i have been quiet for a few days but the cricket has been great, and the sun out so my bad!!

Love you all! x x x

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