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Thursday, 4 August 2011

I'm back!!!

Whoop Whoop!!! Hi Everybody!!!

Sorry for the silence I have had a small technically difficulty recently with both the "wonderful" iPhone and my laptop! Saying that my laptop has been playing up for a couple of years so when it finally gave up its fight I kinda of felt relieved! I tried to take over Dad's bit he is an only child and doesn't know how to share!

Anyway, new laptop "Percy" arrived today!!! Itunes installed, so now have most of my music but not all, photos have been transfered, so expect more personal ones coming up, and skype uploaded! What else do I need??

So what has ClaireBear been up to? Good question!! Well other than the normal poor performance at the gym, the nights trying to decide what I want to be when I grow up and of course trying to work out my phone, I have had a few things happen!

  • I have eventually moved into my flat, well by flat I mean the top floor of the house and by moved in I mean into the kitchen! Mum loves me she claimed but not my suppliments or seeing my stripped, limited fruit diet! I think she is worried I will crack and eat her chocolate so in a way she is being supportive. But it was a move that needed to be done and I am enjoying it. Lonely which is strange as my folks are only 10 stairs away!
  • I went to Yoga, you might not know but I have a love hate realtionship with yoga, or at least my Monday night teacher! But I went, and I am going tomorrow, all be it with a different teacher, who also happens to be my gardener, he knows I make his tea so he will be nice to me!!!
  • I went to see Harry Potter with Badge as a reward for well I think "doing" my food plan, well writing it up is technically "doing" it in my eyes! Anyway I got scared by the snake ( it was in 3D) and I cried!!
  • I had the plumbers in AGAIN!! (New hot water system required) The Stonemasons to fix the steps; The Carpenters to fix the doors, (ok so one was lush until he told me he had to take a couple of the doors away!!)  By the way one of the doors he is taken is in the photo behind my mum and Molly!!
  • I learnt the importance of taking makeup off and putting moisturiser on!! Yes it has taken me 28 years to learn this interesting fact, well I knew about it but to be honest too lazy!
  • Oh and I ranted big time on twitter about a couple of things which I won't go into again as some people get annoyed!!
The BIG news is this weekend is my rest weekend!!! I am going to the rugby at Twickenham to see England thrash Wales (hopefully!!) I am planning on keeping up with my not drinking rule but to be fair if I break it I break it and hope no one will judge.

When I started not drinking (does that make sense?) this was going to be the end and the blow out weekend and then it would start again until Vikki's 30th! So lets see what happens! I really do hope none of you will judge or be disappointed in me, I am trying so hard at eating clean and training, and looking after my body, I even used a face mask tonight!!!

Anyway, now that you guys will have nightmares for the rest of the week, I will bid you good night!! x x x

x x x  Stay Safe!! x x x

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