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Wednesday, 10 August 2011

The Good, The Bad, The Freaky and The Confused!!

Hello my lovelies!!

How are we all doing? Well the UK is being taken over by scum and thugs but its ok cause there are some amazing people who are not sitting back and taking it!! @riotcleanup is one of them and the wonderful @inkilterfitness has been out there cleaning up the streets of London! And he is Scottish!!!! :-) I am so proud of how the good and honest people of Britain have come together.
Moving on however, my great news from the couple of days since I blogged is that I managed my first ever unassisted chin up!! Actually not just one but three! Perv luckily was on hand so we managed to get pics! I am however incredibly freaked out by my shoulders and no my hair isn't that short it is just tied up!
So what else have I been up to... well...
  • I attempted batch two of my homemade protein balls "following" the recipe of @markpt - so ok I ran out of peanut butter, had no milk substance of any source so I made them with extra algava syrup and water! Guess what!!!! They were better than batch 1!! Way too sweet for me but they are better. Does anyone else eat protein bars or balls? If so which make? I am looking for one which is low fat, low sugar, low carb and super high protein! Am I asking for too much?
  • I went to my WI meeting the first one in months - well i have been busy - for those of you who are either laughing your heads off right now or not sure what WI is, it stands for Woman's Institutes - you know as in "Calender Girls" - well the branch I go to is for younger people and is not all Jam and Jerusalem! This months meeting was lead by OH MY!!! They scanned my face! SUN DAMAGE!!!! Big wake up call! Lets not even discuss the other issues with my skin!
  • I have also done some work on my masters! Have I mentioned I am doing my masters - its in Media, Communication and Public Relations, if I haven't or you had forgotten! Well while waiting for my exam result (fairly sure I failed) I am still having to do my next essay! So when I say I have been doing some work on it, I might kinda mean I sat down and read the questions several times, tried to decide which to do, couldn't so posted it on FB and asked my darling friends to decide. They went with this one ...You have been invited to take charge of developing a new ethnic minority media service in your own country. What would be your ideal vision of this service and what would you do to try and ensure it's realisation in practice? All help would be appreciated!
Tomorrow I am off to a coffee and cake morning with the MS Society, it has been a while since I have been so it will be lovely to see all the ladies again! By the way, I won't be having cake. This weekend, well Friday and Saturday, I am working at an event called The BullDog Bash selling merchandise for Help for Heroes so not sure when I will be able to blog over that time but hopefully I will have some amazing pics for you!! Seriously check out the website it looks brilliant. so with all this going on and the gym, and attempting to get some of my essay done I should be quite busy, but if I think of anything remotely interesting to say I will let you all know! Oh and of course when I am putting off doing any work!!

x x x How is the rest of your week looking and your plans for the weekend going? x x x

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