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Monday, 22 August 2011


Morning my darling - ok well afternoon! How are you all? Sorry I have been a bit quiet recently - honestly I have not been up to anything interesting but working on my essay and the gym!

So what has happened.... ummmm actually nothing! The boys came to see us on Friday. Apologises for the terrible pic as I had no make up on!

Oh I brought myself a treat for 6 weeks no drinking!

Don't you just love them. Shame I never go anywhere to wear them!!

This week is a new week and a new step in the diet! We are trying for no more than 75grms of carbs in a day!! Shockingly my folks have decided to go away whilst I try and succeed in this!! If anyone has any advice on how to deal with this or a secret to success please let me know. I am also upping my cardio this week, which has already started with my 7am Spin class. Lets see if I do anymore this week shall we? Oh and for the recod Vibrams and spin don't mix!!

This weekend is a big charity weekend for me with Help for Heroes collecting at ASDA all over the country - guys in the UK if you are free please call H4H and volunteer. I am also now a promoter for so if you want a discount on your entrance fee please let me know!!

Ok I promise to try and do something exciting this week so I can fill you in!!

Love Ya x  C x x

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