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Monday, 8 August 2011

My Weekend! Warning - long and lots of pics!!!!

Hey all!!

So lets answer the big question first! Did I drinking this weekend? NO!!!!!!!!
I went out on Friday night, Saturday we went to Twickenham and then to a few pubs in Twickenham/Richmond area and then Soho and still I didn't drink!! Did I stick to my strict diet? No!!!! I treated myself with chocolate and a couple of meals out! But hey, considering what it could of been like thats not bad!

Before we get on to the weekend though, I must share this pic of me and my mummy!! Both wearing our home nations shirts!! Mum is her Wales Shirt and me in my England black one! How cute is my mum???!!?!?

Friday night, The BGB and I got down to London and went to the Food Market at the Southbank, we got there late so it was closing down but we saw some amazing cheese cakes but we resisted!! Instead we went and had dinner at the Canteen! I kinda messed up here with my ordering as I ordered a salad and didn't think about the dressing, well none was mentioned on the menu but it was yummy! BGB had steak and salad and chips with what according to him was an amazing ale!

I had Green Tea, a mocktail called Whats Up Doc? Bascially Carrot Juice with a bit of orange juice and then a roast chicken salad, with broad beans and celery!

Saturday Morning, I made the BGB his first ever egg white and seed omlette, he claims it wasn't too bad, I also allowed him bacon! Never have I seen someone so happy to see Pie and Mash at the rugby before!! I think that meal lasted 5 seconds! I however had my protein ball and veg! Yes I took veg in a zip-lock bag to the rugby with me! At this stage I have a confession, I did allow myself to drink Diet Coke, well in my defense there is only soooooo much water a girl can drink!!

Anyway, RUGBY WAS AMAZING!!! I apologise now for the obseen amount of photos I took of JWs bum!!! Here are a couple from the game! For me it was quite emotional seeing England play in black for some reason! Also I think if the game had lasted 5 mins more Wales could of won!

After the rugby we headed to Soho via some pubs, and then had a thai meal! Instead of having a thai green which i would of used to order with no second thoughts I ordered a chicken stir fry and steamed rice with a crunch veg salad! It was lush! First time I have had rice in months though! Ok a month a bit! At this stage I made a fatal mistake. I TOOK MY SHOES OFF!! Game over! They were not going back on!! So I made the decision to leave the boys to it and head home, after picking up a couple of chocolates! Oh they tasted good!! It was my treat for not drinking! Well I tell you what! 30 mins late my stomach was killing me! I don't know if it was the chocolate or the rice but oh my!! NEVER AGAIN!! Lesson learnt! Must stick to clean diet! - well except lunch on Sunday but I will get to that!

Sunday morning I woke up and no BGB!!!! He had stayed with the boys, had anyone thought to let me know? NO!! Did the flat stay unlocked all night and with me hardly sleeping in it? YES!! So Sunday morning slightly grumpy ClaireBear went for a little jog to clear my head, only a mile as it was my rest weekend. How did I feel? Well I felt proud for not drinking, and I knew my mum was! She had been texting me all day! But disappointed with myself for the chocolate! AHHHHH!!!! So once I had discovered BGB was ok, I decided I needed some more Claire thinking time, so I did something I haven't done since I left SA.

Now, I have been to church since SA but mainly on my own to think, not to a service. You will never guess what the sermon was about!! "WILLPOWER!" Now I know I know, this could be a bit of a horoscope situation, you know when you read one and you make it fit to your life, but even so it spoke to me! I felt happier, I felt I should be proud of myself for what I had done, and the disappointment of giving in to chocolate, is fine, that will be my next hurdle, my next step! I walked out of church and the sun was shining!! Great day!!

Then it went a bit messed up! BGB texted, he had broken his bank card and needed me to go get him! Sooooo, I walk to the tube stop and realise I don't have my travel card, well I hadn't planned on using the tube, so I had to buy two new tickets, travel to meet BGB and then back again! We walk out of the station and RAIN!!! So there went my great mood and my plans of watching the Triathlons in Hyde Park, I must warn you I was also hungry as it was now 2pm and I hadn't eaten since half 9. BGB smelt, and was terribly hungover, so we decide, as he was driving us back home, that food was the most important thing and he wanted carbs!! Sooo off to the mexican we went!! No joke I wanted in there and went "Whats the quickest starters you have?" "Bread and mexican corn popodoms!" "One of each please!!" - Bread for BGB of course, I didn't think about the pops being deep fried I wanted something there and then! I did ask for salsa not sour cream though!! Then we looked at the menu! Here are pics of our food, guess who had what!!

Food done, back to the flat, BGB showered, I packed and home we headed! Well, when I say home guess where I got BGB to drop me off!!!

x x x  And that was my weekend lovelies!! x x x

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