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Wednesday, 24 August 2011

I dare you!!!

How many of you make excuses regularly? “Oh but I am tired!”, “I would but I don’t have time!”, “My dog ate my homework!” “Oh but I live alone so it’s easier!” “I always wanted to try but I am worried someone will laugh at me!” All of us do it! I know I do, I am probably the words biggest excuse maker out there! That’s why I hope you won’t mind me writing this.

I guess we should look at why we make excuses – well I know my reason, its cause it’s easy! It’s easy to say why not to do some thinking than just to do it! Ok so we can’t all succeed at everything but surely it is better to try something and fail than to never try and then never know if we could of! Maybe its cause it’s easier to fight with someone than to tell them how you really feel, easier to walk away than apologise for being wrong or even if you aren’t wrong to apologise for walking away and to say now you want another go! It’s easy to blame the dog than admit you need help. Easier to lift less weight than to try a bit heavier, easier to stop at a mile than to try for 2! But honestly, who wants the easy life? If you do then that is your choice and I refuse to judge. But if you don’t, please read on.

Sometimes, things happen in our lives and in the lives of others that take the easy life option away from them. They have reasons not excuses to take the easy option sometimes, but over the last few months I have been volunteering for two organisations, MS Society, and Help for Heroes, and I have discovered it’s usually the people who have a “right” or in a way could see using excuses that don’t! Last night, this was brought crashing back into my thought!

“Harry’s Arctic Heroes!” – for those of you who didn’t see it here is the link (I hope it works abroad, if it doesn’t please go to this website and read their story .) These amazing guys don’t know the meaning of excuses or the easy life! They are inspirations! They are HEROES!!

So I have had an idea to honour these guys – if you want to give money and support them then please go to their website or but that’s not my idea! I dare you, for one hour, for one day, for one month, for one year (I will leave the details to you) to not make an excuse, or to pick up the phone and call the person you “haven’t had time to” or say sorry to the person “that it was too long ago” to make a situation better, or even just to try something new that you have been putting off for whatever reason. As I said I will leave the details to you but I dare you to honour “the trying”, honour “the slightly less easy route”, and honour those who don’t give up.


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