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Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Are eggs dairy?

I promise this will not be a long entry!!

This mornings workout is best described by video but alas I can't upload them so you will have to do with pics!! Can someone tell me how to add videos that would be great!

I was also going to be good today and do a WIAW, but unfortunately a) I don't eat I engulf food (why I am on a diet) b) I forgot to take a photo of my lunch! The reason for today's title is that I have been informed I should strip my diet to achieve my goal! I have taken this to mean getting rid of dairy! This means getting rid of my beloved Greek Yoghurt - ok ok ok I have it for pudding tonight after the hugest turkey salad you have ever seen, but I will give it up I promise. My problem is I don't like throwing away food, so I must wait for it to be finished before I can remove it from my diet!

Anyway this whole diet stripping, and the removing of dairy, led to the question "Are eggs dairy?" Well, it seems they aren't in the biological meaning but some people classify them as in regards to nutrition. What do you think? I must admit I don't have them often but lunch today was scrambled eggs with chilli and it was yum!! I also every so often reform my love affair with egg white omelets so I could do with some advice on this subject! What do you all think?

Good news to finish tonight entry! BADGE IS BACK!!! And bless him, I think he has read the blog cause he tried tonight to be the bad cop!! Sweetie, It was a very good attempt but can we have friendly Badge back who isn't mean!!!!

Ok, that's enough for tonight! After sleeping terribly last night I am off for a bath and then an early night!


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