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Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Today was a learning day!

So where do we start today????

Oh I know! I WENT SWIMMING!!!! 6:30 this morning I was in the pool! Ok not for long as it was cold but I went! Did some of it the wetsuit just to get over the coldness, (yes I know 30 degrees isn't cold but it is coming from my bed) and then I discovered the most amazing fact - wetsuits are easier to take off in water!

So swim done, I have my peppermint tea with apple cyder vinegar (yes we are back on that) and my black coffee (treat) and head off to the gym. I walk up the stairs and I am met by a smiling Perv. Now I am worried! Out comes the sledgehammer!! OK, so it was only 7lbs but 50 swings each side was actually hard work! I of course have to been shown how they should be done!

Then came the GHD situps, only 45 today but we lifted the height to try and make it harder. Then i did some seated rows on the balls, mainly cause i like bouncing (I am 5 years old really!) All finished with something I think he called the Big Bear, I will double check and make sure I remember it all before I tell you about it, also I want to practise it a bit so I can add photos! It was during this I got told off for my very bad lazy form on my deadlifts. This resulted in me having a deadlift lesson and getting a new PB!! OH YES BABY! I can now deadlift my bodyweight, for those of you who already do this hats off to you, and I know in theory everyone should be able to deadlift, and squat your own weight but this was a milestone for me. (By the way, I can not squat my own weight although according to Perv we are going to work on it!)

By the way Badge is still down and out with man-flu, and I must admit I miss him! But don't tell him that!!!

There are several reasons why I miss him, I guess I should maybe explain our relationship a bit better to you first. By day, or evening depending on his shift, Badge is my trainer, at this point we have a love hate relationship. He works me hard most of the time, but we are so alike, we both get so easily distracted. For example, we can be in the middle of a circuit and i ask a question like "where am I meant to be feeling this?" he will tell me and ask if i am or not, either way he will show me a different exercise which will target the same area, out goes the circuit and we start trying to find new exercises. Also he is a sucker for the puppy eyes, if i am tired or don't want to do anything he kinda lets me get away with it! NOT LIKE PERV!!

Another reason I am missing him is because of the soft side of Badge; I think comes from the fact we are also friends, ok ok I'll be honest I have a major soft spot for him, its fine he knows about it. So 3 days of not seeing him is a long time. We talk loads, he knows what I am like with my eating and how i feel if i don't train hard enough, which I guess helps when he trains me, but he also knows why I feel the way I do, which I think sometimes why he lets me get away with things. He understands or at least knows about my obsession with Liam Neeson, Bradley Cooper, and most importantly Percy Montgomery. This means he does allow me to rename exercises after them all! I know I know I am strange!

I also miss him because Perv is missing him!! Oh my!! Now for me I love it when they are both on shift together and when they are on different shifts. Separate shifts means I get two personal sessions a day and someone to talk to, when they work together I get a beasting and a half. Think Good Cop, Bad Cop!! Perv though is only truely happy at work under two circumstances: 1. the gym is full of hot girls (he is very much in love with his girlfriend, but he appreciates the female form from a distance) 2. When he is working with Badge! Actually everyone in the gym likes working with him. So Badge for the sake of Perv's happiness please come back soon!!

Following this I have spent most of the day in bed. In fairness I slept badly last night, no idea why. So after my mid morning sleep which actually I discover is a useful way of putting lunch back to a normal time, I decided I really should do some work on my masters, I am doing my masters in Media and Communications for those of you who don't know what I am doing, so I sit down and open my folder, and I start laughing!! Not just a giggle but full blown laughter! The title of the module "Professional Practices" - for those of you who do not live in the UK, let me explain we are having serious issues with a certain newspaper hacking mobile phones and bribing the police and everything at the moment, so the idea that there are professional practices is kinda funny! Or at least with the absense of wine in my life it is to me!

As I have wasted most of the day doing nothing, I think I need an action plan for tonight; so cardio session! Might try a run? not sure how the ankles are going to be so possibly intervals, or rowing or maybe Tabatha?? What do you think? Followed by pilates, and then a night infront of the TV with my mum! Does that sound like a plan??

Oh I just realised I haven't explained the title of todays update; well today I learnt several things which I feel I should share with you, some I have explained, some I can't!

  1. A wetsuit is easier to take off in water
  2. Most people should be able to deadlift and squat their own weight
  3. Sledgehammers are good fun
  4. The British Media at some stage in their history did have professional practises and standards.
  5. I miss Badge
  6. My tattoo is "insightful for a girl!" - more to come on this I feel.
  7. I use to may !s
And finally and I believe the most important thing I learnt today came from my mum, after 28 years she told me and I am grateful I should tell you for this important fact from her.
"You are your fathers daughter!"
(Sorry but I needed to add this pic somewhere)

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