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Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Getting to know you!

Right, so today I will not rant! I was going to do a WIAW following Becca's lead but as today i have mostly eaten fruit it wouldn't be that interesting so instead I thought today we would do a get to know you session! So I contacted a few friends, and opened it up to twitter and asked them to come up with questions as well as me giving you basic facts about myself!

Name: Claire E. Campbell ( I hate my middle name, my sister was allowed to chose it!)

Nicknames: ClaireBear, Campbell, Boobies (one person gets away with this) or Bella (Dad always used to call me Bella but obviously i have out grown it)

Date of Birth: 21st March 1983 - Yes, this makes me an Aries and I am a typical Aries and proved of it!!

Bit about me: I live at home with my mum, dad and two labs! One chocolate and one yellow, you know when they decided dogs are like their owners well my dogs are very much like me and my sister. Oh yes, I have one sister who is older, married with two stunning boys! Anyway getting back to the dogs, Molly the chocolate one is like my sister, independent, goes with the flow, and will get places in her own time! Tess, the yellow one, well she is me! She is a complete stress head, who doesn't know what she wants, can't sit still, constantly thinks about food and basically is a neurotic mess!
Molly and Tess

Shona, with Puds (George) and Gollum (Baby Harry)

My Sister and Me

Favourite sport: All sports especially Rugby!
Favourite Food: NUTS!!!! Fruit, Curry, Porridge, anything covered in PeriPeri Sauce!
Favourite Drink: White Wine, Cider, Robinsons Summer Fruit and Barley Squash
Worst Food: Meat on the bone! Sorry it freaks me out!
Worst Drink: Green Tea (I drink it but only cause its meant to be good for me!) Tequilla (got drunk on it when I was 16, I can't even smell the stuff now!)
My Hero: My Parents!
My Parents with Harry

When, Where and Why did you decide to start blogging? Basically one morning I woke up with too many thoughts and ideas in my head, and instead of going even more crazy than I am I decided to start a blog to try and talk them through! Then it turned into a diary about my attempts to get fit, then I fell off the fitness wagon for a couple of months so I stopped blogging. Now, well now, my head is slightly more back in the game, if life gives you lemons make lemonade! Or at least attempt to, fail, then try again!!

What kind of Auntie are you?

What is your greatest fear? I got asked this question the other day, I always thought my greatest fear was falling but I think that's a bit of a cop out, if I am honest I guess I have two fears, one letting down the people I love and the other is, falling in love again! What is it they say! Once bitten twice shy!!

What would be your perfect weekend? Perfect weekend is easy, surrounded by my family and friends, throw in a game or two of rugby and the sun!!

If you won the lottery what would be the first thing you would buy? I have no idea, maybe a holiday - oh who am I kidding - I would drink, then buy a Vantage!! Am I allowed to buy people? I would buy myself a rugby team!!! Danny Carter, Johnny, and Butch James would be my first purchases.

Danny Carter - if only he would wear the English Rose!
Dog or Cat person? DOG!!!! I don't trust cats, they are too clever for me!

So thats me!! Well a bit about me!!

 If you have any questions then I will try and answer them!! Get in touch!

x x x Have a great rest of the day! x x x

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