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Friday, 15 July 2011

OMG!!! How bad am I at Blogging!?!?!

I am so sorry I haven't been on here in a while - I have some great excuses; busy social life; nephew being born; nephew being taken into hospital with suspected meningitis at 6 weeks old, my masters exam, my mum being ill! All worthy excuses but all not the true reason for my total rubbishness!

The reason for my total rubbishness has been cause I suck! I suck at training, dieting and not drinking! However I am good at going to the gym and talking for hours, eating junk food and partying like an animal! For the record it was not me who started the fight at Ascot! So following my wonderful Becca's lead I am going to add pics, do my blog more and basically kick butt! For those of you who don't follow Becca you must!! She is competing this weekend and I know she will be amazing! Her blogs are brilliant and her dedication in next to no ones!

So I guess my first pic should be of the newest member of the family! Harry Oliver James Collier!!! Born 18th May 2011 and he is perrrrrrrfect!!

So there is my gorgeous boy! Then at 6 weeks he was taken into hospital with suspected meninigitis - in the end it was some virus and he is all better now after 5 days worth of antibiotics. However, they kept him in for the 5 days and my sister stayed with him and was amazing! Aunty Claire also moved in for about 18 hrs a day, and then into my sisters to help out with Harry and of course Puds who seems to have hit the terrible 2s already!!! Actually he is fine, I love him loads but he has sooo much energy!

 Soooo thats one excuse!! Social life and drinking and eating too much is the next; so I might as well show a load of pics!  All I can say is pure class!!!

Wine and Protein in the form of a pickled egg!


Dinner with my daddy!
At a Party I went to!

So my darling that is what I have been up to and now we are back on it!! New training plan with the help of a brilliant young man - he even cooked me dinner the other night! I have told hm about the blog and I am allowing him to chose his own code name! How nice am I!  Ok not that nice I have to show you what he cooked me!!

So to mark the new start, I brought a new diary to keep track of my workout and food! I am also back on here!!!! And I got my hair done!! So pester me! Ask me questions! Help me!! Kick me up the bum! The last 3 pics are for you are of where we are now! Body and hair!

Love you all and I will get better at this!!
Oh and of course GOOD LUCK BECCA!!!!

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