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Tuesday, 26 July 2011

How to "upset" a ClaireBear in one easy move!

Please feel free to replace upset with a swear word if you would like! Today's entry was up until 3:30pm a brilliant, happy buzzing one, now it is annoyed and upset and actually I am fuming, so I can going to do what I wouldn't normally do! Name and Shame time!!

I was absolutely buzzing this morning as I woke up early I did a 2mile run (not much I know but the first time in ages I have done a road run) and then 350m swim (yes I got in the pool and I swam). Then off to the gym I went, I texted Perv to ask him to set up the GHD situps, which he waited till I got there so that we didn't use the equipment in case someone wanted it! (How thoughtful of him!) Anyway we did 3 rounds of 100m Waiter Walks 12kgs RT arm, 30 GHD situps, 100m Waiter Walks 12kgs LT arm, 30 back extensions! All before 9am imagine my buzz!!!

So todays entry was going to be about what makes me happy and generally a good mood thing! Then I get a message!! The boys are no longer allowed to train me as much as they do as someone at the gym has complained!! Let's get this right actually one of the Personal Trainers clients have complained! Why cause I actually want something for my monthly payment of £73 and not have to fork out another £40 per hour! Or because the boys actually want to do their job and help someone get fit instead of just standing around or having to clean the floor! I am feed up of gyms where people get away with doing exercise incorrectly and hurting themselves and no one giving a monkeys! The guys at my gym should be praised and rewarded for wanting to help people! So from Happy Bear, waving and smiling at everyone we now have this...

So not only do I pay my £73 a month for what exactly if I am not allowed a spotter, or someone to count my reps (you think I'm joking I honestly do lose count after about 5) ok they do more than that but that's cause they are nice guys!!  I also wear my charity top in there with pride, so u would kinda realise I volunteer for a large British charity which is well known for its sporting events and challenges and therefore, if I was a gym I would want to be seen to be supporting someone who if they were fit enough would be doing them every month! (By the way this is one of the goals) You would think this is great PR for a place which a lot of people think is designed for stuck up "tennis mums!" - I have no issues with tennis mums but i am cross and ranting and you all know what I mean by the stereotype! But this is the gym which allows A-List celebs to use it for free when they are in town and I'm not allowed to complain about that! Well you can *!*# right off! Maybe i should of realised that it wasn't a place that really wanted people to get fit and healthy when this is what they have on sale as soon as you walk into the "Brasserie"...

The wonderful Mark and Stu have been pushing the whole #gymfree idea on twitter (have a look it is great) and I was fully behind it until I personally needed a constant kick up the butt and the guys at the gym gave me that! All I can think right now is Mark and Stu I should of listened to you guys!!

So what now?? Well I am off to the gym to see if anyone actually has the guts to say anything to me about it, and to ask for my £50 back which I should of got after my year was up, and basically to show how annoyed I am, and to ask the question all important question!

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