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Saturday, 23 July 2011

My Onepiece and Me

I started writing this yesterday with all intent on posting it last night but things took a turn and I was in bed by 9pm clutching my stomach crying. I feel off the wagon and ate my own body weight in NUTS and Greek Yoghurt!!! But that was yesterday and today is a new day so here is what should of been yesterdays post and I will do todays' tonight! (by the way we loving the change to a positive attitude???)

 "Its 6am, the alarm went off 15mins ago and already I feel like today is going to be a better day! I've decided to write today's blog on the move cause, if I'm happy I think its important to capture other sides of my life apart from the guy so you call get to know the real me!

So why is today already better: well... I wasn't grumpy when I went to sleep, so I wasn't grumpy when I woke up! Simple maths! Last night I worked out my eating plan, times, snacks, cutting out dairy but introducing more eggs, and limiting my beloved fruit, and then I SLEPT! Oh yes I slept - only waking to use the bathroom once!!! YEAH!

Then I woke up this morning with the alarm and this: who could be grumpy!

Breakie was Spelt porridge and Raspberries!! (One portion not my normal 3 with my porridge - step in the right direction) washed down with my apple juice, supplements and of course peppermint tea and apple cyder vinegar! I love my porridge so another reason to smile!

Then on with my beloved OnePiece. Since buying it has literally been on my body at least once a day except when it was in the wash! Who else goes to the gym looking this sexy???!!!

Then off to the gym, waitrose shop, go home and then it happened! The news about my gorgeous friend Denver! Unfortunately Denver was attacked by a shark whilst surfing in South Africa. He is doing ok and will be fine by all accounts. Prays and love to him, his beautiful new wife and all his friends and family! Tye texted me late in the evening to let me know that Denver was out of surgery where they operated on his shoulder, stomach and leg.

This is when the nuts came out! I didn't fancy lunch and was running late to go and see my sister and my wonderful nephews so i grabbed a bag of nuts! Oh I should know better!! Nuts are my pringles!! Once you pop you just can't stop!

Anyway I spent the afternoon with the boys, and decided I needed to get home when both nappies needing changing! Driving home I discovered another bag of nuts in my car - there are no longer nuts in my car! Whilst driving I got the worst headache ever, i just wanted my bed, but knowing the fact I had consumed all the nuts in the world I felt I needed to go to the gym! After 10 mins of arguing with myself I got to the cross roads, left to the gym, right to go home. I went left! Not cause going to the gym was the right thing to do but because the road was so busy i would of sat there for ages to go right!

30 half heart mins on the spin bike and I felt I had made my token effort! So home for dinner! Egg White Omelet with mushrooms, peppers, and tomatoes and a salad! YUMMY!!!! Then I discovered the Greek Yoghurt! This is where I take after my mother aka The War Baby! I can not waste food - so with this in mind and the fact I want to cut dairy out of my diet I did what any sane person would do! I DEVOURED IT!!! I added as much fruit as I could fit in my bowl (It was a large bowl) and I ate it all! But it didn't stop there! I ADDED NUTSSSSS!!!!!

9pm and I am in bed clutching my stomach crying!!! Asking WHY??? Well here is why; I have no self control! Tomorrow will be an interesting day!!! "


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