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Sunday, 17 July 2011

Yeah!! I survived the weekend!!

So its 4pm on Sunday and I haven't had a drink or binged!!! YEAH!!! I must admit I woke up this morning and thought what a boring weekend but it felt great to have energy, not have a hangover and not be craving carbs!!!
I don't know about you but when I drink my diet and dignity at a lot of the time goes out the window! Now with regards to my dignity this can result in occasionally dancing on the table - because I do think when i have had a drink I transform into Beyonce! But most often i lose it at exactly the same time as I lose my way with my diet! Sat in the pub after a couple of drinks even if I have had a full dinner, cheesey chips seem like a must, then after dancing it must be a burger, kebab or both in some cases!! Oh and at Twickenham! Well, in that case it must be a full fry up before the game to line my stomach for the match, then a burger straight after the game washed down with a few more ciders and then on to the wine and shooters, and then the must have after a rugby match!! THE ONE AND ONLY CURRY!!!

Then comes "The Hangover Day" - CARBS!!! Fried Egg Sandwich for breakie, Pizza for lunch and afternoon snack and then whatever  I can find in the evening. Hangover Day is probably the only day when I actually do eat every 3 hours!!

However, amazingly none of this happened this weekend! I even made it to the gym both yesterday and today!! The diet has stayed in tact and I am smiling - bored but smiling!! And for the first time in ages the only thought going through my mind is "BRING ON THIS WEEK!" I am ready and waiting!!

But before we get on to next week, let me tell you about this weekends gym sessions! Saturday morning I did a workout with the lovely Badge ( you will hear a lot about him I think), now I know the weights I am doing aren't that impressive to say the least but we are working on form and finding exercises which I like, can do and feel, then I did my first Pilates class in ages! The lovely Neil made sure it involved a lot of stretches for me! Today my workout was with "Perv", ladies you would love him! Tall, dark and handsome - he is also young and so very much in love with his girlfriend - cute and sickening at the same time. So here are the workouts!

5 rounds of 3reps * Deadlifts 17.5kgs 3 reps of power cleans 17.5kgs
3 sets of 20 Step ups with 5kg dumbells - 10 each legs
 5 rounds of 3reps * Deadlifts 17.5kgs 3 reps of power cleans 17.5kgs
3 sets of 12 Ab push ups 6kg medicine ball
3 rounds of  10 "Percy's" - 2 rounds with 12.5kgs going up to 15kgs for the last round - A percy is my name for an excercise which I love and hate at the same time. Its a clean, should press, bar down, pressup on the bar, burpee back up!
3 supersets of 10 * row with static lunge 5kg and 10 lat pull down 20kgs
Finished with the most pathetic 1 min box!

3 rounds of the following with 12.5kg barbell - I should mention these were done on the BOSU thingy!!! Therefore I missed out the Pressups (which I could of done) and the lunges.
10 * Bicep Curls
10* Bentover Row
10* Upright Row
10 * Shoulder Press
10 * Good Mornings
10* Front Squat
10 * Stiff leg Deadlift
10 * Overhead Squats
3 rounds of 12 of GHD Situps and 5 Inverted pullups (I struggle with this these big time!)

So that and watching rubbish TV has been my weekend! So what is this week going to bring? Well who knows! But whatever it is I am ready!


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