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Monday, 18 July 2011


If i hear that phrase again I will scream!!! So tonight I did my workout well kinda of and then went to yoga for the first time in months! I walk into the studio and the teacher pretends to faint at the fact I am there. He then says and I quote "Bulked up.... like a Geezer Bird!" Well thanks for that! Even after that I stayed and did the full 90 mins of the class, and I hate to say it but I loved it!!! I felt every move, I put everything in to it! Except the shoulder stand - I only did half the time. :-(

Today I also did 90 GHD situps, Thanks Perv!! I love them! I might hate them tomorrow but tonight I love them! All this probably explains why I am in bed at 9pm! Well that and the fact that I want to get up early tomorrow and swim before my work out. This has nothing to do with the fact that I will cry if someone else tells me I have "Bulked up". 

On the subject of diet, today has been random!! Eaten on body weight in blueberries and raspberries throughout the day and then about a ton of broccoli this evening! Seriously worried about my poor tummy tomorrow. However, I was good today in the fact that I did my food prep, I steamed my turkey fillet so that is done for the week, and I chopped up my red pepper, celery and cucumber. We also got rid of the nuts from the house, and I made the decision to cut out my beloved "BodyBuilder" smoothie. It is my treat in the morning but it is hitting the pocket big time (I buy it from the gym) and also I think the whey protein is bloating me. It is also made with milk which i generally avoid, and it was either give that up or my greek yoghurt, NEVER GOING TO HAPPEN! So Banana in the morning it is now, and I might treat myself to a black coffee but only if I do the swim as well!

Badge is ill so it looks like I won't get a beasting in the gym from him for a couple of days. Man-flu by the sounds of it! Hope you get better soon sweetie. Perv and I miss you!!

x x x x Sweet dreams all!! x x x x

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