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Monday, 25 July 2011

Everyday is a new day!

Ok ok so I failed on day one! My cardio was a 1.5 mile walk with the dog!! I know I suck, I know I promised I would do cardio everyday no excuses but I suck! So tomorrow must be a major improvement!

But guess what?!? I have one great bit of news! I am still on the booze wagon!! Second weekend completed and that even included dinner out, all day charity cricket match and a pub quiz!! BOOM!!!

The diet wagon, completely broke down on Saturday, with a trip to the cinema. So the "Big Gay Bear" took me out for dinner at Nandos! Badge and I even checked the menu online before hand so I knew what I wanted and everything! Guess which was mine and which was the BGBs?

By the way we went to see Bridesmaids, BGBs choice, I suggested that or Transformers! Anyway so we have Nandos and I am feeling proud of myself so feel I deserve a treat!! OH YES I MESSED UP!! Frozen yoghurt, salted popcorn, Maltersers, and a Chocolate cookie! Oh well I gave myself a cheat day! I should point out the BGB is not "gay" in the sense of his sexual preferences but as in he is normally always happy and to be honest there is never ever going to be anything sexual between us so he might as well prefer men to women.

Sunday was serious fruit day! Quick gym session in the morning then off to the charity pub cricket! Sun was shinning and I had great fun! The team I was supporting was led by Al my wonderful friend! It was Al that did the pub quiz that night and a raffle! I won Pois' - so excited!!

Today, well today was today and diet, and workout were never going to really happen all for one good reason! The boys came over! Puds' aka George is 18 months old and Arry/Gollum aka Harry is 9 weeks old, in all fairness I can't blame them for diet wagon still being wonky but they are the reason today was a right off! Me and my excuses!!Lets be honest was and is because I am lazy I have no one else to blame.

So yet again tomorrow is another start! Well I guess they say everyday is a new beginning for a reason! FINGERS CROSSED!! Now where did I leave my positive attitude????

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