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Saturday, 23 July 2011

Not as smart as the average bear!

Well my darlings you all know about yesterdays monumentum fail on my behalf! But, you also know that waking up this morning I had an epiphany! At 28 years old, on a Friday night if the worse thing I did was ate my own body weight in nuts and greek yoghurt oh well!! These things happen and tomorrow is another day! Trust me I could come up with a thousand worse things I could of done and how I could of spent my Friday night (a lot of them a lot more fun as well, and already experienced but hey thats a different entry!)

Anyway, this brilliant new attitude lasted through breakfast! My wonderful porridge, seeds and berries! It stayed through the double expresso and whilst watching the news (which was another wake up) it lasted the drive to the gym, it even lasted walking up the stairs at the gym! And then it happened!! I lost it, I committed the cardinal rule which the wonderful Mark and Stu had drummed into me in the last few months. I got on the scales!! I did my body fat %!

Oh common sense where were you???? I know better than to do something so silly! Especially on my own, after a stupid night (by the way I know one night wouldn't make much difference but in my mind it does!) At this point I feel it is only fair to myself to point out that I am not a stupid girl, I mean I am no Einstein and my spelling is some what orginal sometimes, but I am not thick!! However, there are times when the cast of TOWIE ( if you are reading this in a country where TOWIE has not made it to your lands, think Jersey Shore or some trash MTV reality show) have more common sense than me!

This was one of them! Out comes my phone! I send a couple of SMSs - first to my mum! (she will never understand my whole weight, body issues as she is my mother and obliged to say nice things about me always!  (By the way I should take this moment to apolgise to my Mum - she never does anything wrong and does sooooo much right and I rarely appreciate it until afterwards!!) then comes the ones to the boys at the gym! Badge and Perv!! Well I knew Badge was on his way so only fair to give him a heads up on the crazy woman that was now in the gym!!

Oh and by crazy I mean CRAZY!!! I try and get on with my workout as best I can - but on comes the angry chick rock on my iPhone (by the way, still having issues with it so not that many songs, so imagine them on repeat) and I start singing along! Yes, I was singing loudly in the gym to angry prepubity rock chicks, and yes, I did get looks! No, this did not help my mood! Then bless him, Badge came over and tried to speak to me! Can you guess what happened? Swearing, grumpiness and then TEARS!!

CAN YOU BELIEVE IT!! I CRIED IN THE GYM!!!! OVER NUMBERS MADE UP OF LED LIGHTS! (seriously I dare anyone to tell me they are LED lights) I mean come on people, 28 years old, I have a degree in Mickey Mouse subjects, I am doing a masters in Bull Poo, my parents are sensible sane people, so why am I freaking over these stupid red lights!! Ok, so they didn't say the magic numbers I wanted them to, so they didn't spell out "ClaireBear you are wonderful just the way you are!" But what happens when they do show the magic numbers I have in my head? Will I be happy then? Will that be enough? And if it is then what??

Ahhh, there you go! Sensible ClaireBear has returned showing she is smarter than the average bear! The numbers mean nothing! I have allowed myself today to think about this and make a new plan of action! The nuts are definitely gone!! I can not obviously be trusted with them! So Mummy, get ready to eat a lot of nuts until they are out of the house! (I have decided I can't give them to the dogs, like I did with the Special K and other naughty foods.)

For the record I DO NOT feed my dog chocolate!!

Welcome into my life swimming, running and spinning! Time to mix up the training again! Weights one session, cardio the other! No getting distracted or thinking I can't run because of whatever great excuse I can come up with, or that I can't swim cause the water is cold (its not by the way)!

Oh and on some other notes of interest; Denver, was operated on yesterday and doing well. My wonderful Anna is getting married today so I would like to wish her and Kobus an amazing life together! (They are marrying in Cape Town, thats why I am not there by the way!) Rumour has it as well that tomorrow the sun might make an appearance over the UK, so this is a warning to all. If you see a blinding white light, don't look at it directly! That will be me attempting to catch a tan!!

x x How are you all spending the weekend?? Whatever you are doing, have fun and stay safe!! x x

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