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Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Skinny, Tanned, Girl in the gym makes me scream!!

So this morning I woke up and I was super positive and happy (after lying in bed convincing myself to get up for 15mins or so) and I went for a swim. I am very lucky to have a pool at home, (meant to be part of Dad's physio, but haven't had the lift put in yet) its not very big, 8meters, but good for a morning swim. Anyway the fact I went for a swim in huge news, as I kinda had a swimming break down / burn out! I was swimming 1km a day - roughly 125 laps which by the way is boring and soul destroying! I get bored easily so it was for me. Today I managed 65 laps so was feeling pretty good especially as this was pre-breakie but post peppermint and vingear tea. I have over the last month or so thanks to the wonderful people on the importance of breakfast and now sulk until I have my porridge.

After my swim, for some reason I go and have a shower, wash my hair and head to the gym for a workout. Why did I wash my hair before my workout???? Should of known then that the day was heading in a certain direction. So get to the gym, not really feeling it as much as I thought I was. On the cross trainer I get (by the way my least favourite machine in the gym) do 20mins on it as a warm up - rediculously low level but felt I was going to make up for it later! Thats when I spot her!! The skinny, pretty, tanned, toned goddess! Now i can deal with those girls if they make me laugh and don't actually workout but hell she was going for it!! Lifting amazing weights, doing things I only dream about being able to. Dishearted I manage Diamond lats 20kgs * 10reps* 3 sets, Chest Press 15kgs* 10reps *3sets, Reverse Hold lats 20kgs* 10reps *3sets. Quick text to a brilliant friend who also so happens to be a Strength and Conditioning coach and I end up doing Cable Crossovers 5kgs *10 *3sets. Then tried for the first time cable single arm lunges (I don't know what they are called so please tell me) 3.75kgs *10 reps * 3 sets each side. Sulking I went home still not feeling I had done another! Then the worset thing happened ! Skinny, tanned, Goddess was in the changing room and she is NICE, oh and a nurse so she isn't even stupid!!! That capped that off!!! 

Quick Green Tea with my friend to catch up on the gossip, she comments that i have no bum anymore and that I had lost too much weight, I distract her by discussing nails. Friends are brilliant but sometimes also not supportive (Sorry to anyone of my friends who are reading this, but I am actually writing this so you will understand a bit more about why I am doing this). Then came shopping with mother. Now, they have been away for a week or so therefore no food in the house. Bless her cotton socks she buys soooooooo much salad and fruit for me. My mum rocks! (But don't tell her). She doesn't understand my diet (who does?!) but she is so supportive.

Tonight I hit the gym again to try and pick myself up and thanks to a brilliant young lady on twitter I got my IPOD working and the Jonas Brothers (not my normal music but thought I would give them a go) I got through 10km on th treadmill (just over an hour). 5km solid run, then 5km with hills, and then interval sprints. Then Mr Hottie turned up! (Another enter I feel might be decicated to him one day if he is worthy.) So I climb on the spin bike - quick 10km (just under 15mins) on there - now I was ready to die! So what do I do? Instead of going home and patting myself on the back, I attempt a core workout and an arm one! What do I manage? Ummm..... 30 crunches - a bit with the 10kg Medicine ball and then 6kg * 10 * 2sets biceps and triceps and then 10 * 2sets of dips. Now I feel like my arms and core have been completely forgotten today and disappointed with my workout!

By the way dinner was tuna, sweetcorn covered in Nandos Extra Hot with Salad, olives and sundried tomatoes - which I would of enjoyed more if my only conversation with Mr Hottie in a couple of days was more than him saying "Hope your having more than a salad tonight?!" I like my salads and for the record if he wants me have something else he should take me out for dinner in my humble opinion!!

Tuna, Sweetcorn with Nandos Extra Hot, Olives, and Sun Dried Toms

Tofu with seeds, olives and toms

Pineapple, peppers, seeds, toms, avo, beetroot and olives

Suffed Baby Pumpkins and Hot Peppers with olives, cucumber, sprouting things and seeds.

Here ends tonights moan!!!

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  1. way to go claire x keep the blogs coming - im reading xx