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Tuesday, 29 March 2011

So here we go!

I have been trying to start this for ages, and actually i did attempt to this time last year. The problem was this time last year my life was very different. I lived in South Africa with the guy who i thought was the man of my dreams, my nephew had just been born, I was missing my family but couldn't see how I could have my man and my family!

The problem is the man of my dreams was also the man of someone elses, so March 31st 2010 I got on an aeroplane and came home. Oh there were tears, and more tears and then some more. If I am honest with you these tears had started in December 2009 but you know how sometimes you just think you have to have faith, but then end up flogging a dead horse! I know know I did the right thing!! I left my dogs and my second family but returned to my parents, my sister and brilliant brother-in-law as well as Pudding, the greatest gift a sister could ever give!! I am obsessed with my nephew. I think that will be a different post all together.

I would like to claim it was then that i realised how much weight I had put on but it wasn't, I had started to lose weight in November 2009 that was thanks to a new gym opening and stress. Not exactly the healthiest way! April 1st 2010 I decided things had to change! I was going to be strong and change my life!

We are now coming up to April 1st 2011, its been a year which is why I am doing this now. I have lost all the weight I need to but now its all about toning and challenges, (we will ignore the cm gains this month as it was my birthday and I was at the rugby drinking lots). Now I need to detox, and get healthy. So all advice about food would be great. I tend to be vegetarian (except when drunk) I also try to avoid bread and pasta (again except when drunk), do you see where this is going? So I am now off the booze until at least 8th May 2011.

I am in a very lucky position of volunteering for Help For Heroes and the MS Society, which means I have people constantly wanting me to do challenges to raise money - which is brilliant and perfectly fine - but I need something for me! Sorry if that sounds selfish! The reason for me being off the booze until such a specific date is because I am doing the Stratford Half Marathon. I have also signed up to do a couple of sprint triathlons. But I want more!!!! I don't feel what I am doing is enough, the goals i set myself or the challenges or even my workouts. So here we go!! I need your help!! I need you guys to support me and kick me up the bum if I need it and basically I need you to be my friends. Can you do that???


  1. Umm... been there, done that, stuck around far too long in a relationship that made me cry. UGH!!!

    And I will definitly be here for you!! !You can do it!

  2. Yeah of course you can do it... shall check the rugby fixtures.... who do you support... shall send messages to remind u no dirty pints etc!!