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Saturday, 7 January 2012

Are you crazy?

So this week has been the start of the cutting stage, and to be honest cutting isn't really what I want to do. Basically I am only 2% body fat, no weight but gain muscle and strength. Basically I am a real mixed bag! So, why only 2% bf? Well, lets be honest when I dropped under 10% it wasn't great! I felt the cold all the time, and lost the balance in my life as most of you know.

However, I loved my abs and I miss them!! SO clean eating for ever, (ok so maybe 80:20) and no booze for January (by the way I so want a glass of wine whilst I am typing this!) is the plan! Hopefully that will help me reach my physical goals. However, my activity goals are more important to me! My spartan races, my desire to hit 60kg deadlift, and most importantly a balanced life (yes yes I mean to meet the man of my dreams, but mostly to make the most of life and my friends.)

So 5 days in how am I going: Well here is this mornings pic, by the way it was straight after a workout so its a bit of a cheat!

However these pics are not all I have done for today! This afternoon I went for Colonic Hydrotherapy, now this isn't the first time, but oh my did it work better than before!!! So why did I have it done? Well I suffer from IBS and with December being "Claire has lost her mind and willpower" month I was suffering badly! Bloated, in pain and generally horrible. So on the phone to the lovely Kelly and 50 mins later, and a lot of warm water, I was done. How do I feel? Well right now tired, and a bit not with it! ( Well the amount of toxins I must of got out my body!!) The thing is I know tomorrow I will feel rocking! And what is tomorrow "REST DAY"!

I know some people think it sounds grose but you know me! Don't knock it till you tried it!!  Has anyone else given it ago?

Love ya

Claire x

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