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Tuesday, 3 January 2012


Hiya All

Well yet again I am back! Well lets start at the end, 2011 on the whole sucked! Sorry I stopped blogging but as you know Dad was ill and he had to be my focus, therefore our chats stopped and training decreased. Basically I spent November and December bulking! Oh and haven't I dont well!!

Gone is my beloved abs and now I have a pog!! Well not for long I tell you! Today is the first day back on the diet and detox. You might ask why the 3rd January and not the 1st and I will tell you. Basically, I have spent the last few weeks drinking a lot, I hate NYE but this year I went out and had fun and drank and ate too much. Then on 1st I discovered my wonderful friend was working so hard he didnt even realise it was New Year, so I went down to help him and then we celebrated New Year again. The 2nd, was a friends annual, "I dont want to go back to work party!". There is another reason for the diet not starting earlier and well thats cause I have a cold and when I am poorly I have a tendancy to eat!

But now we are back and we are going to make 2012 the best year yet. We will be strong and healthy! I have my goals, which include Spartan Races, Nettle Warrior, and most importantly to have a life which is balanced!


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