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Friday, 23 September 2011

Essay handed in!!

Hi Sweeties.

So its just before 5am on a Friday morning and I thought it was time to say hi to you all.

Sorry I have been quiet recently, for once its not cause I have nothing to say or nothing has happened but its been a busy time and most importantly everytime I have sat down at the computer it was to do my essay! But, my essay is handed in!! YEAH!!! It sucks and doesn't really answer the question but it is in.

Therefore, this afternoon I will write you a nice entry with pretty pics telling you what else has happened in my life; this will include, training, diet (and lack of it), I will let you in on the 10 week cycle; Vikki's 30th (well some of it, you kow what they say, "What happens in Essex, stays in Essex!")  and I will if possible let you in on other things which are going on in my life as well. These major events are difficult as they do not solely involve me and therefore not sure how much I can say, willing to saying or will manage without making myself and everyone else cry!

So what have you guys been up to?

What have I been missing?

Love you x x x

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